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Photo by Pamela Newman

Photo by Pamela Newman

Private Lives - The Joyous Living [Joy Austin]

"Ms. Levin whom I found to be a stellar and consummate actor in Little Women the Musical was on fire during the opening night performance. Her feisty and feminist Amanda was quite as I imagine her Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing must have been. And yet at times you saw her layers being peeled back and the hopes and insecurities of a woman in love. And it certainly was a bonus that she has such fabulous and realistic chemistry with her co-star Waserman. In fact their chemistry only grew from the first act on the connecting honeymoon balconies to the third act when they exchanged some of the cutest moments in the background..."

Private Lives - The Acorn [Cary Ginell]

Photo by Pamela Newman

Photo by Pamela Newman

"The play is a tour de force for comedic actors, with its original stars being two stage giants: Gertrude Lawrence and Laurence Olivier. CSP's production... stars Genevieve Levin (who bears a remarkable resemblance to Lawrence) as Amanda and Alan Waserman, in a rare comedic turn, as Elyot."

"As Amanda, Levin is a force to be reckoned with, going toe-to-toe with Waserman as the insults fly and romantic moments stack up."

Photo by Pamela Newman

Photo by Pamela Newman

Private Lives - Ventura Breeze [Shirley Lorraine]

"Amanda, Elyot's first wife and the center of the play's whirlwind action, is portrayed by Genevieve Levin, who attacks the part with fervor."

Photo by Pamela Newman

Photo by Pamela Newman

Private Lives - Moorpark Community Link [Charles Foster Carmichael]

"Fortunately, Waserman and Levin are a splendid match. The two have a natural on-stage chemistry, and much of the humor throughout the play is based on their tete-a-tete. Levin plays a sassy, magnetizing, free-spirited Amanda..."

Photo by Pamela Newman

Photo by Pamela Newman

Into the Woods - Thank You 30 [Adam Womack]

"Speaking of the Baker's wife, actress Genevieve Levin was a true lynchpin [sic] of the cast. Her stoic pride, her powerful singing voice, spot on comedic timing and ability to lose herself in a moment "in the woods" brought a steady pace and feeling of direction to the entire production. Whenever the show seemed to wander or get turned around, like the character of the Baker stumbling through the forest, she was there to offer just what was needed to put the audience at ease and make us feel like we were back on track."


Into the Woods - Moorpark Community Link [Charles Foster Carmichael]

"Levin is outstanding as the Baker's Wife, with a clear voice and strong acting skills..."

Photo by Pamela Newman

Photo by Pamela Newman


Sylvia - VCOnstage [Cary Ginell]

“Demmary cast Genevieve Levin, who turns in an endearing, hilarious performance as Sylvia. Levin’s Sylvia is two-dimensional, as it should be. Dogs have no depth of character and live in the moment and Levin understands this thoroughly.”

“The trio develop an easy chemistry with terrific timing and endearing performances all around. Tickner and Levin have to be careful not to exhibit a truly romantic relationship, which can cause concern if not revulsion from the audience if they begin to think there is something more than just a man/dog relationship going on... If not played right, the suggestiveness in the darker second act could be uncomfortable, but Levin, Tickner, and Stevens breeze right through it.”

Sylvia - Ventura County Star [Rita Moran]

“Gurney’s popular play gives the “starring” role to Sylvia, who is irresistibly played by Genevieve Levin, with every wiggle, sniff and leap onto the family couch sending Greg into ecstasy and driving Kate to distraction.”


Sylvia - Thank You 30 [Adam Womack]

“The effervescent Levin's real triumph is in her full physical, mental and emotional embodiment of Sylvia. From lights up, her commitment to the character (without use of the easy cliche panting and bent "puppy paw" wrists) is perfectly fleshed out.”

Sylvia - The Bill Shakespeare Project [Bill Walthall]

“And Genevieve Levin–the rock-solid Beatrice of yesteryear–delivers a hilarous(ly foul-mouthed) performance as the titular dog.”


Enchanted April - Palisades Post [Sue Pascoe]

"From the moment the luminous Genevieve Levin steps on the stage as Lotty Wilton, the audience knows it will be enmeshed in an almost flawless Theatre Palisades performance... one of the strongest community theater shows in recent history."

"Levin, in her first appearance on the Palisades stage, is the fulcrum around which the play revolves.  Her charming performance as the earnest woman who seeks a change from her dreary life in London, in a marriage gone stale, is sparkling."

Family Trees - The Ventura Breeze [Erik ReeL]

“Genevieve Levin plays sis, and as she admits in her bio, she needs to keep branching out from playing loving mothers in Simi Valley. She inhabits the Tina part so thoroughly and wonderfully she is practically chomping on the scenery looking for more to do. This is an actress who needs intelligent, powerful, lead parts, or supporting parts with teeth in them. She needs emotional truth. Furlani’s script gives her these things.”

“Working with Levin--and this accounts for a majority of austin’s time on stage--the two make a good brother-sister pair. Deceptively good. At the heart of the play, these two have created an engaging brother-sister dynamic that helps sweep the play along.”

A Wonderful Life, the Musical - Ventura County Star [Rita Moran]

"Principal among them is Genevieve Levin as Mary Hatch (scheduled to be played through the rest of the run by Dawn Notagiacomo), the hometown girl that hero George Bailey marries. Levin has a lovely voice and is an effective actor who exudes warmth, compassion and a jot of humor to balance Bailey's darker view on life."

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Much Ado About Nothing - Ventura County Star [Rita Moran]

“The central figures of Beatrice and Benedick are brightly portrayed by Genevieve Levin and R. Shane Bingham, who seem comfortable with strings of clever words and sudden emotional turns in their roles as the niece of Leonato, governor of Messina, and the young lord of Padua returning from battle.

“They also embrace the humorous antics that find them hiding behind slender plants and under benches to eavesdrop…”

Little Women - The Moorpark Community Link [Charles Foster Carmichael]

"The March family is represented by Genevieve Levin, who lends her lovely voice and elegant presence to Meg."

Photo by Jake Fagundes

Photo by Jake Fagundes


Assassins - The Moorpark Community Link [Charles Foster Carmichael]

"Kudos also go to ensemble member Genevieve Levin, who portrays anarchist Emma Goldman in a brief, but memorable scene."

The Heiress - Batavia Beacon News [Gary Puckett]

“...Bethany Evans delivers a nicely nuanced performance, as does Genevieve Levin, who gives the small role of Maria, the Sloper's [sic] Irish maid, a fully fleshed-out sense of character.”

Photo by Jeremy Hanes

Photo by Jeremy Hanes

Patience - Ventura County Reporter [Emily Dodi]

“...Genevieve Levin (Lady Saphir) offers a lovely voice and a wink of mischief.”